Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog-Royale May 30

I just received this email from a friend, and thought you might enjoy it as much as I did. I've censored some of the names to protect identities...

"Here are some things you'll be interested in, that no one else really knows about because A: No one cares and B: I really don't talk to anyone anymore :

The day before I came out to L.A I went on a date. yeah you heard me. A date. With a 35 yr old. Yeah you heard me again..
She owns restaurants and music venues in NY. Like four pretty big ones. I'd actually forgotten what she looked like, turns out she was.....

Not that hot,
Anyway. She's actually going to be in L.A for "vacation" next week.

Next. I went to a party with ***** ***** recently. (VERY HOT.. seriously.) and she was talking about setting me up with a friend of hers who's an actress (because I said to her.. I want to start dating actresses. My logic - all girls are completely crazy insane and don't really care about male feelings, so why not just go for the crux of it all!?) who is apparently so crazy her nickname is "2012". This girl turned up. We hung for a bit. Literally minutes. Then said she had to leave to go to Kid Cudi's studio (i shit you not)... later that night she texts me saying she got my number from ***** and to "call whenever".

I looked the girl up and it is this person who was apparently in Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift.

Tomorrow, at the house we're recording / living in we're having a memorial day BBQ / Pool Party. She's going to come down.

But the truth is, of course, thinking of ++++++ doesn't make me want to kill myself with a knife to the face anymore. BUT now i'm at the point where I'm trying to force myself to like girls, even though I clearly love girls. but truth remains, I don't like anyone at the moment. It's a classic heart and mind scenario.

Now, at some point, remind me to tell you the 'Call of Duty' story then we'll be completely up to date. x

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