Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog-Royale April 2

Over the past few months, American Apparel have been touring a 'rummage sale' in which they set up temporary outlet stores and sell items of excess stock with huge discounts. They recently announced that they'd be hosting one of these events on Brick Lane over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, selling items from as little as £1, as advertised below:

I don't really know the details, but they had some sort of pre sale-opening today (Friday April 2nd), and somewhere along the line, the following occurred...

Video courtesy of 'AAfailday'.

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Anonymous said...

Lol. I was there this morning. From the looks of the video I think these were just some east london hooligans who saw a crowd and found a suitable environment to start something.

If you'd been there this morning you would have understood that these guys are WAY too dressed down for as BIG an event as an American Apparel rummage sale!

The kids were waiting in line for a bargain were dressed head to toe in their best ensemble.

I can't believe you didn't catch sight of this earlier. I mean shouldn't the gentleman standing on top of the car be wearing skinny jeans?