Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog-Royale November 4

Outside of the fact that I've been treating this blog with about as much love and attention as Darren's been giving his new born son in Eastenders (yes I know the bikini Star Wars script read-through post was an all time low), it's actually been a pretty good month.

I suppose I do actually write this blog, so I may as well write about some stuff I've been doing. I mean, isn't that what blogs were invented for? I'm not sure, I'll have to wiki it.

So, stuff that's happened:

Last week I met N-Dubz and interviewed them about how to write a hit single. I can honestly say that Dappy especially was an inspiration, although I don't know if I'm any closer to being able to write a hit single...something about a banging beat?

My friend Alan Pownall had a house party, and some friends and I did our best to turn into a viral sensation via Twitter...more on this HERE.

I went on three dates of the Girls tour and experienced some of the most heart wrenchingly honest music I've heard in years --> listen to their album HERE.

I was lucky enough to see the Dead Weather's Halloween show at Shoreditch Church, and they made a lot more sense to me live than on record.

I saw just over half of Guy Richie's 'Revolver' - could this be one of the lost masterpieces of British cinema? I'm not sure, I'll have to wiki it.

I visited the Pasaje Del Terror at the Trocadero for the second time in my life (easily up there with 'The London Bridge Experience' as London's joint best Horror attraction):


The day before yesterday I had a preview of These New Puritans' second album 'Hidden' and I can honestly say 2010 has it's first incredible record sewn up (details here:

And, the night before last I met blog legend Luke GK (check him out here: and here: and chatted to him about Patrick's Toys in Fulham. Have you been there?

BUT, I've been spending the rest of my time working on the new music I first mentioned on this blog back in July/August. I can safely say that an album is 70% written, and now I just need to nail a studio sound that will work with the songs to make them come alive.

In the second week of October I got the chance to go to Berlin with my friend (and old/new band mate) Christopher to work with one of the most psychedelic minds I've ever had the pleasure of coming across, Mr.Gordon Raphael. Below are some photos of our Germanic adventure...Luckily, I didn't take any photos of when we missed our flight on the way there and had to stay overnight at the Gatwick Travelodge (there is no real high with out a real low).

13840010 13840014


13810011 13810007


13810014 13840013


In a hurricane three and a half day session, Gordon helped me see my music in a new way, and I came home with the map and the compass that I hope will guide it out of the wilderness and in to reality.


Have you ever played 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening' on the gameboy? I feel like Link in the (was it first or second) dungeon, just before he finds the power bracelet that allows him to pick up everything and start smashing it. I feel like I'm ready to smash, but don't quite have the exact capabilities I need to do so yet.
Then there's the jumping feather.
The running boots.
The hook shot.
The sword that can shoot stuff.
The flippers to swim.
Etc. Etc.

Life, like computer games, can be quite hard.


More soon. If you're reading, you're supporting, so all the love to you x x.


Mankauf said...

I love how, in the photo opposite GR holding Kimono My House, underneath the dude in the glasses is a poster for the movie I'm in, Wüstenblume.



Looking forward to your album!

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MC CrabbyCrab said...

Come and have lunch with me soon and tell me about your plans.