Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog-Royale November 19

I was just having a conversation on the phone with my friend Gabriel, talking about how songwriting can be really hard, and maybe it's not even worth trying, when he alerted me to the below.

No.1 is a song from David Bowie's 1967 debut 'David Bowie', entitled Sell Me a Coat, and No.2 is an extract from a 1969 film entitled 'Love You till Tuesday', planned as a vehicle to showcase David's talents...Only in 1969, these talents were a little less obvious than they became in the 50 years that followed.

If Sell Me a Coat and When I'm Five is the sound of one of the most superb musicians of the 20th century starting out, then something tells me we're all going to be ok.

I'm so sorry.

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