Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog-Royale June 5

So it appears I was wrong.

It IS in fact possible to book three of S Club's original seven members in some sort of low budget student union retromemberance of days gone by. Although, according to their website, you are only applicable to do so if you happen to OWN a club yourself, and it's NOT your birthday.

But surely that's not too much to ask, when this is what you're letting yourself in for...

A: One of the surviving members of 2007's celebrity-racist Big Brother triumvirate, and erstwhile lead singer Jo O'Meara: Now a failed solo star and (failed?) mother in her own right, I can imagine having only more in common with her as time goes by.

2: Bradley Mcintosh...odd considering I thought his solo career was really taking off. If his myspace is to be believed ( then he's not only a singer but also a songwriter...with the recent additions of 'rapper' AND 'producer'. His real talent however, is still being able to look 16, even though he's approaching his mid 30s.

D: The final piece of the puzzle is Paul Cattermole, whose part in the project leaves me genuinely upset. Lest we forget, S Club lost their '7' when he quit back in '02 to return to his welsh numetal band 'Skua'. Although he cited his hatred of commercial music as his key reason for leaving, after two unsigned attempts at real music (see also 'Charlie Bullit' circa '05) he finds himself right back where he started, only minus four companions to share the mic...and the pain.
N.B.: 'In 2003 he moonlighted on drums with a newly reformed Shed 7.'

For booking information - get in contact with Lorna who should pass on your offer to their agent Matt. You can do this on the 'contact' page of

"Do NOT use this Form for Fan mail to S Club 3, as it will not be passed on!"

Yes, I'm sure THAT'S the reason S Club 3 aren't getting any fanmail.


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Neely Bennett said...

I actually attended a student night in Sheffield where Bradley performed some sort of a duet with one of the muppets from 'Big Bro'. Needless to say, it was painful.

Furthermore, Dave Benson Phillips did 'Get Your Own Back' on stage with a gunge tank and gunged the head of the Student Union... That however, was amazing!