Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blog-Royale March 14


This is a photo of an alluring yet decrepit cinema, three minutes from my house, which having laid dormant for the last three years, is now apparently being semi-demolished only to be turned back in to a cinema in the near future. I wait with baited breath.

I like the cinema. Its like an adult you can really trust. Like when your parents hammer it in to you not to speak to strangers as a child, and you get so worried and scared that you eventually believe everyone who isn't related to you is clearly on the sex offenders register. But then at some point you meet a stranger who changes everything, and you decide that not only can you trust said stranger, but that you'll probably never be able to trust your parents again.


Ever since my friends started working at a couple of cinemas, i've been visiting more regularly and more regularly. And very recently even more regularly.
I guess I look at it less like "I'm a fan of cinema" and more like "I'm a fan of the cinema".
They genuinely don't seem to mind me going almost twice/three times a week, which I am more than happy about, but as a result, it's got to this stage where I barely care what I see. The way I look at it is that watching a film, however bad or good, is like having at least 90 minutes of information injected in to your brain. If you enjoy it because it's good that's a bonus. If you enjoy it because it's bad that's a bonus too.
Either way, you win.
Either way you get to sit in a completely relaxed environment, whether with friends or alone, just aligning yourself with the ideas of the writer/director/actor or whoever before re-connecting with your own life afterwards, very simply.
Nine times out of ten I forget I even have a body.
Which for £7 - £10 is pretty impressive but for free/cheap...why I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon.
My grandfather always used to talk about how he'd go to the cinema three times a week and watch everything from news to cartoons to films to ballet and I never really connected with that idea, but now I fantasize about what it would be like if the cinema was like television and you could drop in and drop out, paying by the hour just to slip off the back of your mind in to someone else's. If instant toilet facilities were provided along with waiter service and a pillow, then I could imagine us all just staying in there for days.
In the last couple of weeks across three cinemas I've been to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Anvil, Unborn, Watchmen, Wendy and Lucy, and Surveillance. I would rate all of these above 7/10 with Anvil above 8/10 and Surveillance potentially around the 9 mark. But either way, this isn't meant to be a diatribe about quality cinema, it's about putting the concept before the practical element, and just having faith in enjoying the experience rather than the outcome I guess.

There's no real conclusion.
Maybe the conclusion is - I need to get a real job.


I also like music. This is a photo of Klaxons' secret show at White Heat a few weeks back. I went down because I heard they would be playing new material and wanted to hear it first hand after all the desciptions of the songs that had been given to me seemed to contradict. "Much heavier", were what some people had said, whereas others were talking about "A much lighter ethereal vibe".
"Lighter and heavier?" I thought to myself. Hmmmm.
One song in particular 'Valley of the Calm Trees' stuck in my mind. It felt like the music was starting to hit a newer depth, and I felt positive thoughts about what I believed was the impending album.
But then weeks pass and a few days ago I read THIS.

The record label have apparently intervened meaning that it will clearly be a while longer before anything finalised and concrete appears.

In the meantime, for those of you salivating over second albums, I have had the pleasure of hearing a vast percentage of material from the Horrors 'sophomore effort' as Pitchfork would put it.
Earlier I mentioned Surveillance - Jennifer Lynch's second film. The quality of this album similarly hangs around the 9/10 mark throughout, really stepping things up. After a seemingly rushed debut, I believe that what will soon be with us is already a contender for the record of the year.
I love being proved wrong by bands with a clear vision of what it means to improve and progress.
Keep checking where come midnight on Monday, we are all in for something special.

Meanwhile, on almost the other side of the world

It seems like everyone has something to bring to the Pasta Party, and at some point, maybe sooner rather than later, I too, shall reveal my dish.