Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog-Royale February 5/6


Hmmmmm, a proper blog post.
I guess it's about time. Apologies for fobbing you off with youtubes and pictures of Sahil. I can do better. I know I can. Hopefully 09 will prove this.
Or not.
So guys, what's cracking? I've been missing catching up, mainly staying in doors, trying to forecast the coming months. Although I feel I'm doing about as well as Michael Fish circa UK Hurricane '87.

Seen a few films. Been trying to get into a weekly rhythm. Summation:

Slumdog - 7/10
Wrestler - 8/10
Milk - 9/10

Very simple.

I was thinking of doing some decimal point scores but why bother. Let's go straight for the no nonsense nitty gritty. I literally HATE that phrase.
Nitty: Eurgh.
Gritty: Actually I quite like that word.
Considered checking out Frost/Nixon and The Reader but thought, why waste cinema time that could potentially be used for My Bloody Valentine 3D? I mean, if it's anything as good as Scar 3D, it'll be at least half as good as Pirates 4D.

I like those odds.


I turn 22 tomorrow. All the 2s. I like symmetrical ages. Well, I mean I liked 11 as far as I can remember. Goldeneye was a good game. That's all I can picture when I think of Eleven. Hmm. Let's reminisce:

Turok - 7/10
Turok 2 - 8/10
Pefect Dark - 8.5/10
Goldeneye - 9/10

How did that decimal point work out for you? You know there were only 387 games made for the N64. Ever.
Listed here:
That doesn't seem like that many but I guess it's really quite a lot. Although not that much more over one game a day for a whole year.
If someone is up for getting together, taking a year out and getting hold of all 387, I reckon we could complete every single game. One a day.
Although Control on 00Agent would still prove nigh on impossible. And we'd need a lot of 'isotonic' Lucozade sport in the weird malleable cartons.


Now I'm not going to sit here and mention post-modernism, but on a completely un-Nintendo this a bit weird?

This girl Cory Kennedy, who I am told is an NY socialite (if there are any vacancies for similar positions, someone let me know...) has a character apparently based on her on the ever more spectacular second series of Gossip Girl. And then blogs about it. There's no real moral to the story. It all just seems a bit much. Sort of leaves me feeling a little Bruce Bogtrotter (Merriweather) post-cake.

If the makers of Heartbeat read this blog and want to base a character on me, I will not be offended. I was thinking something along the lines of Greengrass's cheeky grandson who gets in loads of scrapes but always manages to blag his way out of them, in time to tell Nick Berry everything he needs to know to save the day. Man the 60s were sick up North. Especially for the police.

As I wave goodbye to 21, whilst watching the truly eldritch third series of Skins, I leave you with this.

Every time I get a film developed I will upload 20 photos, however good or shit. Let's start with the time me, Dev and Tom Cruise hung out. Great days.


See you on the flip.


francesca perry said...

i remember that converstaion we had when you said you hated phrases where at least one word ended in 'y' and there was some degree of alliteration, i.e. tasty treats. nitty gritty.

happy birthday fred x

Anonymous said...

Have a good birthday sailor. Watch frost nixon, I'd give it a 9.


Max Felicitous said...

"22" is not a symmetrical age. It is palindromic.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd give this post an 8.5/10, it was pretty good. Me and Flora are working out when to go to MBV3D, you should join in, hopefully they spray fake blood at you when someone gets killed.
Happy Birthday to you.

Dev said...

Big names leaving comments on this blog.. I miss tom cruise, getting him and trachtenburg prepped for the TG show.

Craig said...

I think Train on 00Agent was harder.
Happy Birthday.
Craig Joy-Rides