Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog-Royale January 23

"It took the night to believe"

Yesterday evening Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man played their first show in over three months, and I was going to tell you a little bit about it...but then I got sent a link to this blog, which I think tells it a damn sight better than I ever could.


If it wasn't for the so-called Miss Glossology's love of Gossip Girl and Kim Taylor Bennett, I'd probably find this transgression a little harder to forgive.

Whatever, it felt good showing our faces up on stage again.
And just doing something.
Too many things have been ending recently.
Firstly, Tony Hart drew his last breath (you like that?) this week, inaugurating himself into the hall of ludicrous (and tragic) television presenter deaths of recent time. And then we had to wave goodbye to the Astoria, the Mean Fiddler, Sin and the Metro Club all in one night. Not only does this eradicate the legendary Indie City but also the Saturday night PUSH Club, once known as FROG, a place that taught me a few things about a few things, and also holds some special memories. None of which I can quite remember right at this moment unfortunately.
Me and Dev DJ'd in the little room on the left during PUSH's last night the request of this fine young man:


A couple of hours after that photo was taken we we played the DJ set of our lives...Sum 41, multiple Libertines songs back to back, TI in to Strokes in to TI in to Strokes, Slipknot...In Bloom, The Rat, the weirdest Glasvegas remix ever, and of course the ten minute YMCA techno remix. I had never been so happy but upset at the same time before.
Except potentially when the Star Wars prequel trilogy finally finished pathetically vomiting itself all over my conscious/subconscious/unconscious.
Anyway, I have a filmsworth of photos of the night I need to develop, and as soon as I do I will open a flickr to tell that and many other (unfulfilling) stories.

Man, 09 feels like it's going to be a weird one. I think I'm interviewing Mick Foley on Saturday. After that, who knows? I guess in the 21st century all anyone has is a laptop and the open road.

At least we've still got Skins Series 3 and the legacy of Madame Tussaud. She died, so we could live:



Georgina Bacchus said...

Katie wouldn't let me play any libertines that night. You did the right thing, your set was a fitting tribute to the life of Push, Frog, Mean Fiddler etc.

Your performance wednesday was gooood, thats if you can trust someone who does Twilight fan art?!

David Renshaw said...

Tony Hart's funeral is pencilled in for next week.

I'm here all week, Try the fish etc etc

craneparty said...

why are you called desmond?